Leading 100 ForexTraders Reports

Evaluate the day's effective and unsuccessful forex trading strategies

These particular figures are measured from the forex trading activities over the past 24 hours of two categories of OANDA traders: the leading100 "most successful" and (optionally) the best 100 "least profitable" traders.


The Way To Select Forex Traders

These forex traders are never determined exclusively on their total amount of noticed Profit and Loss, since that would skew the results toward hedge fund and big institutional records. As an alternative, the currency traders are tried from agreat deal of account balances, from the micro, to the institutional.


What’s shown in these charts?

By default, statistics are shown only for the100 most successful forextraders. Examine "Show MinimumProfitable Traders"to indicate statistics for the non-profitable traders, that are shown in a lighter color.


The following statistics are shown for each of our most traded currencypairs for the past24 hours. They are estimated from the total number of trades placed by each group of traders.


•           The direction (percentage of trades long vs. short)

•           The success (percentage of successful vs. non-successful trades)

•           Average period for all the profitable and non-profitable trades placed by eachgroup.

•           Average Profit/Loss per unit in pips.


What can I get over from these charts?

While this chart cannot calculate future trends, it’s an interesting snapshot on the last 24 hours.


Comparing the two kinds of forex traders, search for trends. Which group is holding their trades longer? Are they choosing a particular direction? Are traders making more money from some pairs?


Most effective Forex Trades of the Day

See the most successful interday trades around the past 24 hours

This page shows the ten currency pairs with the most cost-effective forex trades (in pips). These trades were closed and opened within the earlier 24 hours on the OANDA fxTrade trading platform.


 Review the most profitable trades

By default, the table below the chart displays the currency pairs with the majority of profitable trades. Each row in the table consists of columns showing the direction, profit (in pips) and amount of the most rewarding trade for that foreign exchange pair.


 See successful trades charted to prevent market rates

Check out a currency pair link to visit a graph demonstrating its most profitable trade plotted about the pair’s market rates. Colors display once the trade was closed and opened. The graph is modified once an hour and exhibits rates in 15-minute increments.


 Examine the most successful trades against averages

The following more results are shown in the table:


•             Max movement: The maximum movement on the market (from low to high or high to low) within the last 24 hours. This value could be regarded as the highest possible interday profit for the pair.

•             Profit/Max movement: The percentage of the most profitable trade’s movement compared towards the maximum market activity. This means that, how near the trade was to its maximum earnings.

•             Avg. profit: The average profit in pips for all profitable trades closed and opened over the 24-hour period. (The period is also delivered to these trades.)


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